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Get competitive advantage!

The pricing starts AS LOW AS $8 PER LINK!

Receive links from PBN websites that appear and act as real websites. Our websites don’t just mimic a trusted website in Google’s eyes, they are trusted! With proven and tested techniques, we set up vetted sites with unique content, beautiful premium themes and premium hosting. And by carefully selecting who we link to, we retain the quality of our exclusive network. Once you’ve made your choice from a wide range of niches, websites and their domain metrics, you will get your do-follow link placed in a custom quality-written post that will remain linked from the homepage for the duration of your subscription.

The principles we abide by and rules of our PBN websites you have to keep in mind.

Only Auction Domains

We buy just auction domains for our network. No expired nor dropped domains. 

Also, each domain is manually and rigorously reviewed and the special attention is given to the history of clear and strong backlinks.

Max OBL 3-4 per domain

In order to reduce risks and give to our customers the most power they can get from our domains, every single one of our domains will not have more than 3-4 outbound links. That’s because we take care of our websites, we don’t spam our domains, ever. Quality first!

Real looking websites

Gone are the days when PBN websites were built with no effort making them look fake as shit. Don’t pardon our French. We are serious about what we do and put a lot of effort into our websites. If any PBN network can pass manual review, this is the one!

Premium hosting

We don’t use SEO, cheap and share hosting. Period. Our PBN sites use premium hosting companies like GoDaddy, HostGator, Bluehost,InMotion Hosting, etc. These are hosts that real businesses use. They provide reliability, customer support, and control over data

Premium Themes

The themes we use don’t only look better than all the free stuff some people use to save money. They provide a higher level of security and loading speed. As we already said, quality first.

Invite only network

Our PBN network is an invite-only one. We choose what websites we link to. We screen and check every single one of them. Our work ethic is about customer satisfaction, not customer numbers.

Only tested domains

Every single domain we set up is rigorously tested for effectiveness before it’s included in our offer. Not only that, but all our PBN domains go through a regular health check to ensure continuous quality.

Handwritten content

Providing quality content is a MUST for us.

The content is produced by handpicked experienced copywriters experienced in SEO.

The final product is reviewed by SEO experts before it’s finally used.

All niches available

We are not limited to one niche. And we don’t make general PBN websites with 100 categories. We made an effort to cover every category from home improvement to health and beauty websites. You can be sure your website will be linked from a relevant PBN with relevant content.

Important! Before you apply, you have to honor the following rules:

We play fair, so should you. If any of the following criteria is not met, your links will be removed immediately and you will be blacksited as violating our agreement. These rules are important for our customers and our network to stay clean.

Your target URL hasn’t used other PBN websites in the past.
Your target URL doesn’t have a spammy backlink history.
Your target URL hasn’t been penalized.
You haven’t and won’t use the disavow tool.

How does it work?

Step 1: Use the form below to apply.

Step 2: We screen and evaluate your website. We don’t just link to anyone and any website. We have vowed to maintain a steady quality of our PBN network.

Step 3: Once we approve your application, you will be allowed to order links for other domains, not just the one you applied for. Once your website has been approved, we send you a proposal list with prices starting as low as $8 per link.

Step 4: Order and payment. Our prices are on a monthly basis and your links remain active until the subscription i.e. payment is cancelled.

Step 5: Content creation and link placement.

Step 6: Reporting for transparency. Once the links have been made, you will receive the final product with your links.

Step 7: You’re in. You don’t have to apply again. You will be able to order new links and stay in our network as long as you honor our rules and monthly fee.

TBN Results

Local health niche website – 5 links

National eCommerce Website – 4+2 links 

Local home improvement website – 3 links

High competition national tech niche – 5+4 links

High competition health (lasik) local website – 4 links

Affiliate website – Using just TBN links from scratch – 17 links in total.