How do you link to my website?

Your link will be placed in high quality written SEO optimized 500-700 words content. As we try to do everything natural as much as possible, instead of the full post on the homepage, your link will also be placed in a post excerpt.

What if you don’t have the exact niche I need?

We have all the main niches that exist on the internet. If your niche is tennis, and we have at disposal only general sports PBNs, then you’re good to go. We won’t offer you beauty or real estate websites and say that we will make it work. You can rest assured that your website will be linked from a relevant PBN with relevant content. Whenever you want to place an order we will send you a list of domains relevant to your website we have available at that moment.

What is the TAT after I place an order?

After we confirm the order, your links will be live in no more than 3 days.

How many Outbound Links do allow you per one domain?

In order to maximize the effectiveness and health of our domain, we will never have more than 3-4 OBL per domain. In most situations, there will be 1-2 links on the homepage.

What kind of domains do you use for your PBN setup?

Ony auction domains. No expired nor dropped domains. Whenever it is possible, we rebuild the existing domain and keep the same niche.

Can I use other PBN services alongside yours?

Absolutely not. By agreeing to our Terms of Service, you are required to only use our PBN websites on your target URLs. By violating this agreement, you will be removed from our network and blacklisted.

How do I apply?

You can apply by filling in this form. Once you do, our team screens your website. When you’re accepted, you’ll get an email from our team with a list of domains to choose from along with domain metrics and prices. You will also be able to place new orders for the same or new domain whenever you need it, without the need to apply again.

Are there any risks?

The risk is always there, but, we are doing everything to be the best on the market and to do everything we can that these domains pass even manual reviews. Also, we manually check each domain we are linking to, in order to keep us and our customers safe as much as possible.

For how long are the links “live”?

They are live for the duration of the contract i.e. until you stop paying the monthly fee.

What kind of content do you use on your websites?

We only use handwritten, unique and proofread content that’s relevant to the domain where it’s placed that’s relevant to the keywords our clients provide.

What’s your Refund Policy?

Once your links are live, there is no refund.